Form Processing

Typically the following procedure is followed to ensure delivery of the quality of the data entry system. Clients provide access to raw data to be converted into forms and the specifications or sample format according to which the processed data is delivered during final submission is downloaded from the client's site. TIFF images are loaded into customized software and kept ready to upload at the specified locations.

New database is created and fields designed according to client's specifications (e.g, Form No. , Date of Birth etc.) and data is entered into the required fields. The data filtered above is provided to two different members with instructions of data processing. Data Entry (1) Members in this group enter the data independently and submit for evaluation. Data Entry (2) Members in this group also enter the same data as in Data Entry (1) The data from the two sources is compared with the help of software and the unmatched data is processed again. Again the comparison of data is done until we acquire 100% . Doubtful data if any is conveyed to clients for rectification. Quality check up is performed by our experts and delivered by uploading or Submitting as desired by the client. in XLS , DBF, txt doc etc.

*Members liabilities are limited only to entering data individually, rest is taken care by our dedicated staff. ** To ensure security of data, all variables are coded before issuing assignments to registered members. Original and Decoded data is handled within the administration of earnparttimjobs staff.


Data Entry Format

At earnparttimejobs, we are maintaining "Universal Standard" for transferring data between different databases and customizing data-entry input-output to meet and satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements. The following Input-Output Delivery Format will give our valuable clients better idea about how to send and receive their crucial data based information:

Input Format

All standard formats of are accepted including Word processing files, Spreadsheets, Graphics, Print Documents, and Legacy Files. We can manage all industry standard formats. We have specialists who can handle less common or legacy formats. If you have any ongoing data management need involving a proprietary format, we will assign the appropriate number and level of staff to meet your requirements.

Output Format

When it comes to data format, we are flexible. Some of the typical formats in which we can deliver the data are: Database Format Excel Format (*.xls) Word Format (*.doc) Acrobat Portable Document Format (*.pdf) Access Format (*.mdb) Text Format (*.txt) HTML Format ASCII Binary Or any other type as needed. The final output can be provided through any of the following media: 3.5 inch diskette Via Internet E-mail FTP upload Direct Modem Transfer (i.e.: Telix, Hyper Terminal) CD-R or CD-W We produce output in whatever format you require, including plain text, database, excel, and mark-up languages like HTML, SGML & XML or any other format that suits your firm. Feel free to ask queries regarding your important data outsourcing and data entry work. You can contact us at any time for availing our services with better result and comparatively low cost.

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