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We provide our customers with highly accurate and unique Data Processing Services. Data Processing involves all the steps that are needed to convert data into electronic format.

We have an efficient team of IT and business analysts who will analyze your Data Processing needs and provide you with a cost and time effective solution. Our full-fledged services include a careful analysis of your existing system and provide time bound solution for your Data Processing needs.

If you interested to know how much you can save on operating costs by outsourcing to us? Just fill in the form below and we will send you an attractive offer.

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This form is for clients requesting a quote on getting data entry work done for their company.
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Whether it is a one-time project or an ongoing regular basis project, we can help you with a broad range of Data Processing Services. We have the capability to key-in extensive amounts of data and bring it to you in any format. We assure our clients by providing best quality services at most minimum possible cost.

You can also alternatively contact us via sending an email direct to us regarding your specific needs and custom requirements at the email address mentioned below


FAQs !

We have never heard of you in the field of outsourcing, do you have any experience?

We are in the field of outsourcing since 2007 and are growing at a very fast pace. We have been providing outsourcing solutions across a wide range of industries, since 2007.

As a new service provider, why should we trust you?

OK.OK. We understand your concern, that's why We offer a free trial offer on all our data entry services. You can avail of our free trial offer even before signing a contract with us. Based on the quality of our data entry services, you can decide whether to outsource to us. And we are damn sure, that after availing our free trial offer service, you will not look for any other outsourcing solution company.

How can we send our documents to you?

You can send your documents to us, by using one of the following methods:

* You can upload your scanned documents on our secure FTP
* You can send your scanned documents as an email attachment
* You can either ship or courier your documents
* We can access your files by remotely logging in
* We can access your files from your web-based application

Would you please tell us more about your pricing structure?

By outsourcing data entry services to India, you can save more than 60% on your operating costs. If you are interested in outsourcing to us, we will decide on a price structure that is based on the following factors:

* The term of the contract
* The complexity of the project
* The technology used
* The required skill level of agents

What are the benefits of outsourcing data entry services to you?

When you outsource data entry services to us, you can be assured to get following advantages.

* Trained and experienced workforce
* Accurate services
* Free trial offer
* Quick turnaround time
* Cost-competitive prices
* Security, privacy & confidentiality
* Stringent quality assurance processes

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